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About Our Service

Why is it important that you own and operate all of the business directories in your network?  

There are companies out there that will place your company listing on multiple sites for a fee. This is ok and it does get your company in additional places on the Internet. However, the sites they place them on are owned by other companies. And that is where the problem comes in. Here are some of the major problems with those sites:

  • With those sites - you're listing may only consist of a company name and a link to your web site. You might be able to add an address, phone and maybe a sentence or two about your company. With our business directories, you get to post a whole page of information about your company and list all of your products and services. In addition, you are provided a mini-bulletin board so you can post a daily message or upcoming sales and coupons about your company if you choose. And, you can post job openings for your company that are published on all of our business listings.
  • With those sites - you don't have any control of your content. You normally can't change your postings, but 'they' might change them. With our business directories you have full control of your content. You can change the information anytime you want. And when you make those changes, they are made immediately.
  • With those sites - they clutter their sites up with advertisements. We do not accept any advertisements from other companies on our websites. The only thing listed is our client's company listings.
  • With those sites - you are limited as to what services they provide. We will be growing and adding new business directories at no additional cost to you. We will also be adding new features and services.
  • With those sites - you may have to include your email address in your posting. By posting your email address on the Internet - especially on several websites - you will get you a ton of unwanted spam email. On our business directories, we provide you with a personal contact page for your potential customers to contact you by without you having to post and compromise your email address.

These are just some of the reasons why we own and operate all of the business directories in our network. You get much better service and capabilities at a great cost. And don't forget, your cost is locked in and will never go up!

Why is your program cost so low?  

We designed and built our services specifically for small businesses, and priced it accordingly. In addition, we are not trying to run or replace your entire marketing campaign. The goal of our service is to expand on your current marketing campaign. For that reason we keep the cost of our services low so you can grow your business.

We don't have a website for our company. Can we still you your services?  

Absolutely! You can use our services to start to establish your company presence on the Internet.

What can I use the mini-bulletin board in my listing for?  

There are several uses for the mini-bulletin board in your listing. Here are a few possible uses:

  • You can provide news about your business, such as new products and services.
  • You can provide news on current and upcoming sales.
  • You can provide coupon codes.